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Softens, conditions and filters your water to remove calcium and magnesium – the two primary components of hard water. 

The control valve on TC water conditioners is self-cleaning for maximum performance and long life. High flow rates assures a consistent, plentiful supply of conditioned water without worry of losing pressure. Powerful, self-lubricating 75-inch-per-pound drive motor. 

Powered by an energy-efficient, low-voltage 24-volt electrical system. 

Fail-Safe Features
Exclusive brine valve float system reduces chance of overflow; automatic bypass during regeneration means you always have water; fail-safe tank-within-tank construction. A built-in battery back-up system maintains critical program data in the event of a power outage. 

Carries RainSoft’s limited lifetime warranty. 

How an EC4 water conditioning system works:

Step 1.
Water enters RainSoft’s exclusive rugged control valve and flows down through the resin tank.
Step 2. The water is filtered and treated as it passes through the special “ion exchange” resin. Hardness ions are ionically retained both in and on the resin. The optional carbon bed further polishes and clarifies the water. 
Step 3. 
Once completely conditioned, the water exits the resin tank through the riser pipe and out the control valve.
Step 4.
Slow rinsing of the brine through the filter media provides a deep rinsing action to make sure all traces of salt are removed from the media bed. 
​Step 5. 
At precise intervals, the unit begins a regeneration process. Using salt as a regenerant, the hardness ions are flushed out of the system and down the drain. The unit then prepares itself for the next conditioning cycle.

RainSoft TC water conditioning systems are available in various configurations with numerous features to fit your needs. Ask your RainSoft dealer to recommend the TC water conditioner system that's right for you. 

TC water conditioners are built to last a lifetime, providing you with dependable performance and a home water filtration system that provides an abundant supply of luxuriously softened water throughout your home. They incorporate an electronic timer that is simple to program.​

TC Series Water